06 December 2014

Greentape 46

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Anonymous said...

Hey Zack neat art! I still put our happy trails record above every door Holly and I live in! After reading about Jimmy and congratulating him and his new pitchforkian press, I used google to steer me down memory lane a bit. Not much out there (didn't dean from crazy stallion have an ambient side project at some pt.???), but a post from you and my short album from 2006. Thanks . I keep releasing albums at themayflowerband.bandcamp.com, but for the past year and currently I have this band called The Tasers (thetasers.bandcamp.com), where another guy and I split the songwriting. Hope alls well with you. I slaved over playing the parts on the album you have posted, nat is on one song and plays beautifully, paul k. did a re-mix of The Kingdom circa 2007 or 2008...some people care ha! Best wishes! Thanks again