20 November 2015

greentape 70

churchburners "nopers" (unreleased)
firmish skirmish "koo coo" (firmish skirmish)
nocturnal feeding "vera kholodnaya always" (unreleased)
napoleon blownaparte "part one" (draft day)
ancient elephants "orchard mansion" (magic whirlpool)
john thill "santa ana river" (six rivers)
bryan day & bob marsh "crease agenda" (crumpled partials)
where in the world is carmen sandiego? "happy trails" (happy trails)
justin clifford rhody "talk to me" (unreleased)
*e* "the swan & the troubadour" (different paths: one track mind 3)
bosco "rabbit transplants" (weekend warrior)
just marty "oh rockford (with a sigh)" (wherever: the hometown compilation)
della drive "tired in the head" (tape skips, digital hiss: one track mind 4)
icarus syndrome "absence and the third eye" (unreleased)
monster monster "the amplifier" (american idol)
treefrogs "lawn song" (table talk)
handmedown satellites "merkel" (unreleased)
cosmic relief "untitled" (dekalb ep)
hannah edlén "clarinet baby" (hannah edlén)