20 July 2010

Greentape 40


Side A
Horseparts - Sick Launch
The Fairy Godmothers - This Is Why I'm Hot
Nada Nuevo - Pond Scum
Open Star Clusters - Inverse Possibility
Manipulator Alligator - I Will Shake You
The Blue Sweaters - I Want To Say Pt. 2
TV Peanut - Pardon My Garden

Side B
Midnite Snax - Mos Effed
A. Restrepo & the Older Siblings - Baja
Illinois Bear - Make Love...
Brandon Haney - Drinking Riverwater
Treefrogs - Row My Boat
Spacific Pacific - A Baby Sister For Barbara
Alanthebox - Rust
Bird By Snow - Today's Date
Shithead and Asshole - Woodman's Marina